A little help across the road

“. . . I’ve earned my keep on the planet on those days when I assist road-bound turtles. I say to myself, “See? There is a reason why you are alive today. Go make yourself useful and save that turtle!” (read entire post here: http://susanmcelroy.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/grief-and-gratitude-leaves-and-rain/

What a beautiful way to phrase this. With humans encroaching more and more on turtle habitat, help across the road (in the direction it is heading) is essential to their survival. I also move them when they are visible on the shoulder and have seemingly safely crossed. Unfortunately, I have seen people swerve purposefully off the road to hit animals.

They were probably heading to their winter hibernation locations. The cool temperatures set them traveling, sometimes long distances and sometimes to the very same hibernaculum.

Your efforts will ensure one more season of mating. Due to their low reproductive rate and age of sexual maturity, every box turtle is vital to the population’s survival.

Great work!

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