Finding a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Please do not attempt to treat an injured animal on your own. Often people with well intentions do more harm to the turtle, and sadly there are cases where the animal has needlessly died.

I would suggest googling your state along with “licensed wildlife rehabilitor.” This should get you to state based organizations.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers & Veterinarians that Treat Box Turtles

NY – List of Rehabilitators who work with turtles.

If you suspect a disease outbreak
The PARC Disease Task Team has created a system for people in the U.S. and Canada to report an incident of sick, dying, or multiple dead amphibians or reptiles. Simply send an email to:

IMPORTANT:  Include in your email:

Your name and e-mail address (for any follow-up questions)
What you saw
Where it was (city, state and other location information, e.g., name of park or forest)
What types of animals were involved (species [if you are sure of the identification] and life stages observed [eggs, larvae, subadults, adults])
Is it ongoing (some sick-looking animals that are alive? or only dead or decayed animals observed?)
Any photos or other relevant information
The State or Provincial contacts for herpetofaunal diseases will be alerted, and they may contact you further for additional information. Following the report, the managing agency will make a decision on whether or not a follow-up action is needed. This system will help us to facilitate early detection and rapid response actions, where possible. It will also aid our understanding of the scope and severity of emerging infectious diseases.

Read more about amphibian and reptile diseases and efforts to help them here, and specific information regarding the salamander fungus and associated efforts can be found here.

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