Online Turtle Information

Turtle Rehabilitation

Note: Do not attempt to rehabilitate a turtle without proper training and licensing. If you have specific concerns please consult an expert.

Medical Research

Bio Med Central – Veterinary Medical Research – Access application does not require a Veterinarian license

Lafeber Vet You can gain access with a wildlife rehabilitator’s license. This has a wide range of information, but it is mostly geared toward exotic pet care.

Google Scholar – Features scientific papers, many of which are open access. Be certain to set up a google alert for the main species you work with.

Specific Rehabilitation Techniques

General Turtle Rehabilitation –– Terry Norton DVM, Dip. ACZM

Ranavirus – Comprehensive and open access

Shell Infections – Sandy Barnett

Wound Irrigation – Kariana Atkinson

General Turtle Research

Diamondback Terrapin Working GroupThis bibliography is extensive. They hold regional and national meetings

Biology of The Reptile – 14,000 pages

Dietary Probiotics Affect Gastrointestinal Microbiota, Histological Structure and Shell Mineralization in Turtles

Open Access Publishers

Bio Med Central

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